30 Apr

I recently had one of my class participants reach out to me and share the results he was able to achieve, shortly after attending our Negotiation Skills Workshop. Though this wasn't the first time I'd heard back from a participant who'd achieved significant results from the training, this time was different, because it showed how a little creativity, on the part of the participant, can turn simple principles and strategies into a world of opportunity.

Here's his story, if you'd like to hear it first hand.

The bottom line is this: When you know how to negotiate effectively, in any given situation, you can create, unstick and even improve opportunities for yourself, your company, your customers and anyone else with whom you have the privilege of negotiating.'

This gentlemen who reached out to me was able to close his first million dollar plus sales with a large account, as an account executive, and then turn around in less than a month after, and land his ideal professional role as a VP of Business Development.

So, how did he do it, exactly?

  1. He focused on reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for his customer, then his new employer and, in both instances, for himself.
  2. He engaged both, his customer, and then his new prospective employer, in creating value based solutions that did NOT exist in past interactions and discussions.
  3. He let go of, and set aside his own agenda, in both scenarios, to focus on and fight for the other parties' outcomes, over his own.

As simple as it sounds, this is the very formula he followed to make extraordinary strides very shortly after attending the training.

If you'd like to learn more about what I taught this AE turned VP, to help him secure tremendous opportunities in his career, I've put together some free training that will help you get measurable results, immediately. You can request that complimentary training here.

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