Duane Huff

Chief Influence Officer & Creator of the Selling With I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E.™ Methodology

Duane is a 25 years sales veteran, entrepreneur and highly sought after sales expert, keynote speaker and sales performance consultant with over 15 years of sales training experience. Companies bring Duane in specifically to help their sales professionals stop selling on price . . .

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Rene Millet

Chief Marketing Officer

Rene brings a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge to our team, helping us to better reach and serve our clients worldwide. She is the mother of three, health and fitness advocate, foodie, and culinary ninja! Yes, we eat good around here, thanks to Rene's talents and generosity.

Kathy Adams

Executive Assistant

Kathy is a retired office manager and executive assistant who now enjoys traveling with her husband and family members. She really loves cruises, and has been know to take 2 14-day cruises back to back. Thank goodness for virtual and remote work, because when she's not living it up, she helps keep our Chief Influence Oficer on track and in line.

George Adams

Director of Operations

A retired chemical engineer who also enjoys extensive travel and long cruises, George keeps our operations running smoothly whether he's in the Caribbean, at Oktoberfest, or in the office (which is seldom - thank goodness for virtual access).