I have had the pleasure of working with Duane for 2 close to 3 years. His dedication and enthusiasm for his craft is infectious. He is not only a phenomenal leader but an amazing coach. Duane is a motivator and innovator who truly cares about guiding and growing his team. Our team has seen such a growth since Duane has come on. His tact and ability to get us to think outside of the box and be not just different, but better is inspring. He has had such a huge impact on me and helps me on a weekly basis to pivot when I need support and GSD! 

Noel Ong-Robinson
Digital Consultant - C-4 Analytics

 Duane, as a performance coach, you have played a pivotal role in my professional development. Your guidance and expertise has been instrumental in shaping my approach to building relationships and most importantly CLOSING business. Through personalized coaching sessions, Duane has honed my sales skills, providing targeted feedback to address areas of improvement. His strategic insights and industry knowledge has equipped me with a deeper understanding of effective sales techniques and customer engagement. Duane's support has not only enhanced my closing abilities but has also fostered a mindset of continuous growth and adaptability. Overall, his mentorship has significantly contributed to my success and development as a confident and accomplished sales professional. Thank you Duane! 

Charles Alessi
Outside Sales - Digital Marketing | Automotive

 I recently attended a Sales Negotiations seminar presented by Duane Huff. All I can say is "wow!" His methods, strategies and techniques really work. Just the other day I had the opportunity to apply one of his techniques to a one-on-one negotiation, and I walked away getting more that I even expected. Best of all, the negotiation ended in a true win-win! Duane is an engaging, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker/trainer. I highly recommend bringing him in to work with your people when you want to see measurable results 

Jim Hubicz
Sales Director - Capital Projects at Setpoint Integrated Solutions

 Duane helped me close my first $1 million account. My client had been unwilling to commit to a solution I'd proposed over 8 months prior to our workshop with Duane. I took just one key idea, from the many Duane shared with us during his strategic work session, and I was able to reach a win-win outcome with the client, and finally close the sale. Since our session with Duane, I've gone on to apply many more of the concepts I learned, and they have been an absolute game changer in my sales career. I can not recommend Duane highly enough! He will help your salespeople consistently exceed their sales goals. 

Michael Torian
DELL Computers - Regional Sales Manager - Cloud Client Computing

 Duane's interactive and entertaining demeanor framed our Tire Pros University sessions objectives perfectly. Duane immediately put our audience of independent business owners and selling associates at ease, and got them engaged in the content from the very beginning. We couldn't be more pleased with the feedback from our franchisees, many of whom said this was the best training they'd ever participated in. 

Bob Bittner
Visualizer of Leading ATD’s franchise effort to help our best independent dealer customers thrive and drive into the future.Interiors

 Thank you for hosting our consultative sales training this week. All of the topics & discussions resonated with me. I’m certain that a main reason why was because of your style, personality, how you presented the material and how the training was more of a ‘collaboration’ as opposed to a ‘lecture.’ I can take much of the information and apply it to my job immediately. That’s the best kind of training. Thank you again for your efforts. You’re a real pro. 

Steve Stewart
Account Executive - OEM Division at Dell

 I took to action and followed upon just one simple suggestion Duane gave me in our workshop, and I was able to close $120,000 of business with just one client! I can't wait to use the rest of what I learned in the months and years to come. 

Keisha Vaughn
Sales Professional, Entrepreneur and Learning Specialist

 Duane’s training gets measurable results! He delivers insights, distinctions, and practical strategies that get immediate and lasting results. He’s also a very interactive, dynamic and engaging presenter. One of the best I’ve ever seen! Your people will be excited about the training experience, and walk away stronger, more effective, and ready to perform at the highest level! I highly recommend Duane for all of your training and professional development needs. 

Travis Reulet
Owner - Business Development/Sales at Reulet Electric Supplies

 Duane is an outstanding sales mentor! Under Duane's guidance, I gained a deep understanding of sales strategies and effective communication. His personalized approach helped me develop a unique sales style that consistently yields results. Duane's unwavering support and insightful feedback were instrumental in my growth and development. I'm grateful for his impact on my career. If you're looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable sales trainer and performance coach, I highly recommend Duane Huff. 

Chris Palacios
Sales Representative - Midnight Oil

 Duane’s training is all tailored to you and who you are! He was amazing to work with and really opened my eyes to different to ways to approach the situation that I would have not ever thought of myself . All while staying true to who you are. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to level up their sales skills! 

Elizabeth Knott
Account Manager - Jazel