18 Aug

All of us face challenges in our sales career, but sometimes we face challenges that we simply cannot overcome; many times because we're too close to the situation, and sometimes because the challenge we are facing is unprecedented.

When you find yourself in such a situation, take heart, there’s a proven, strategic and practical way to unlock, unstick and break through, even in the midst of the most difficult challenges you face in the world of selling.

That way is through a strategic, and well-facilitated mastermind experience - but not how you may think . . .

There’s always wisdom in the collective mind, when two or more gather to discuss ideas, problems, challenges and innovative solutions. But without direction, guidance, strategy and discernment, a group of people getting together to discuss ideas, rarely amounts to anything productive. We’ve all been in meetings that went nowhere and completely wasted our time, haven’t we?

However, beware, unless a proper mastermind is facilitated by a skilled expert, unbiased and impartial, the mastermind experience can do more harm than good, especially if it’s within and amongst employees of a company. You must engage a skilled professional mastermind facilitator if you want to maximize your results and outcomes for the mastermind.

So what exactly is a mastermind, and how can it help you break through your toughest selling challenge(s)?

A mastermind, in this context, can be defined as a group of individuals getting together to discuss and brainstorm ideas that have the potential to solve problems and create solutions that may not have existed (or been known) before. 

When the collective wisdom of the group is a able to take the ideas and possibilities, and then co-create a viable strategy to achieve a measurable outcome, it allows one or more people in the group to apply a strategy, tactic or framework that resolves the issue or roadblock previously perceived as an unresolvable challenge.

Translation: Spitballing and brainstorming ideas until the collective group, in their wisdom and experience, creates a way to break through that no one individual could have devised on their own. 

That's the power of a strategic, and well-facilitated mastermind experience.

I find it sad, yet somewhat comical, that people seek to solve their problems, breakthrough challenges and find innovation within their industry, or even worse, within their own company.

There are many ways to innovate, but only one is proven to be consistent and reliable. And that’s the power of reaching across industries, in the format of a mastermind, to allow the collective wisdom to suggest and put forth ideas that ultimately synergize and create proactive solutions.

The good news is that the same dynamic can happen across departments, sales channels, and divisions within your company.

But don't go it alone, you'll save months, maybe even years, and thousands of dollars working with an experienced sales mastermind professional to help you facilitate your breakthrough. Just make sure they've worked across multiple industries in the capacity of a sales professional, manager, sales consultant, sales trainer and a mastermind facilitator, so they can bring perspective, insights, distinctions and discernment into your mastermind experience, for maximum impact and results.


If you'd like our CEO, Duane Huff, to help you and your team facilitate your mastermind, he's qualified as all of the above. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Duane by calling (225) 384-0693, or sending an email to info@influenceseminars.com. Or, if you'd prefer, just grab a spot on his calendar here.

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