18 Aug

First and foremost, product knowledge and selling skills are not enough to achieve consistent, predictable and profitable sales growth.

There’s a gap that exists, because product knowledge and selling skills are never enough to achieve that goal.

The problem is that many times, sales people are selling the wrong thing.

They should not be selling a product, service, solution, package, offer, or anything else that sales training has taught them to sell.

What they should be selling, every single time, is what the potential customer already values.

The problem is that they don’t understand what that is.

Have you ever tried to do anything for anyone, give something to somebody, buy something, create something, build something, and offer it to them only to have them tell you “thanks, but no thanks?“

We all have, and it feels awful to get that response.

But why does it happen?

Because we, like many sales people, are trying to give them something we think they should want or need, but in fact, they don’t.

The salesperson's job, then, is to spend time in their buyer's world, researching, listening, asking questions, understanding, and then reading between the lines, or getting the buyer to out right tell them,  what it is that  they already value.

Then, only then, do they fully understand how to tie the essential benefits of their solution to what the customer already values.

When they do this correctly, there are only two possible outcomes . . .

1. They solve the customers' needs, fulfill their desire, or help them reach their goal, and they make a sale.

2. They realize that nothing they can offer will meet the need, solve the problem or help them to reach the goal, so they, in integrity, Then point  them in a better direction.

When a successful sales person realizes they do have a solution that will benefit the customer, it becomes their job to package and/or position it in the proper way, to help the customer see exactly how it meets the need (connect the dots for them), and helps them get/get more of what it is they already value.

Anything less will always end in failure to make a sale.


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